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Salt And Pepper

Fun and whimsical animal salt & pepper shakers or cute and adorable people shakers we have a growing selection of ceramic, metal and magnetic salt and pepper shakers. The classic Coke a Cola or a Ford Mustang salt and pepper shakers are what you are looking for.


  • Animal Salt And Pepper...
    Animal Salt And Pepper Shakers

    Animal Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets Showing Off The Cuter Side Of The Animals We Love. Pugs That Are Nose To Nose Or Piglets Nudging Each Other. We Have Cows, Dog, Fish, Roosters And Many More Cute Animals For Your Table Or Collection.
  • Character Salt And...

    Movie And TV Character Salt And Pepper Shakers

    Shop for your favorite character from Betty Boop, Disney, Flintstones and Looney Tunes. Science Fiction fans with love The Star Trek, Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings featuring Captain Kirk and Spock with the rest of the crew and Captain Picard and the crew from Star Trek The Next Generation. DC comics and Marvel Comics fans will find their favorite villain or superhero from Batman, Superman to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Shop our entire collection for your favorite character.
  • Glass Salt And Pepper...

    Decorative Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Glass Salt And Pepper Shakers For collecting Or Everyday Use.
  • Holiday Salt And...

    Seasonal Salt And Pepper Shakers

    Decorate Your Kitchen For Any Holiday With Salt And Pepper Shakers.Christmas Salt & Pepper Shakers With Santa Clause ,Snowmen , Christmas Ornaments and Christmas Trees. Halloween Salt & Pepper Shakers Have Some Scary Ghost And Wicked Witches.
  • Miscellaneous Salt and...

    Unique Salt And Pepper Shakers

    Ceramic and Glass Salt and Pepper Shakers Featuring Unique Designs And Themes
  • Salt and Pepper...

    Toothpick Holders

    Themed Ceramic Toothpick Holder With Matching Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers For Collecting or Your Kitchen Table