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I am the owner and only person working for the company. I started this company after my ex left and I had adopted 3 kids with many issues. I spend time at school and dr offices with them so getting a conventional day job is out of the question. I tried working nights but I wa not able to spend time with my kids so I started thinking what can I do to be there for my kids. I came up with this as I can not get fired for to many dr appointments in a month or too many trips to school to help my child handle school.

I believe in old fashion values and treating people with kindness. I strive to offer all in stock products are shipped in no more than 3 days after you purchase them. I believe that if I offer you products for less than other stores and provide good customer service I will be rewarded with a growing store and great customers. I preferr to offer you the perfect gift and a low price and make a little than waiting around to make alot on a product from just a few customers. I just want to make a living for my family.

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